Welcome to Evan's Cool Website.

Kevin Flynn sitting at a terminal deep in the heart of the Encom R&D lab in 1982

Greetings, Programs!

(Yes, I'm old.)

Hi, I'm Evan. I'm an Engineering Manager at SDVI, and a longtime frontend and JavaScript engineer. Formerly an Eng Manager at HashiCorp and at Fastly, I've spent the past four years and change managing teams, and over a decade creating rich JavaScript applications. While I've always had a passion for writing code, coaching people and helping teams do their best work is what drives me today.

I take a people-focused approach to helping teams write software and deliver features; I firmly believe the happiness of a team directly correlates to the quality of its output, and prioritizing team health above all else is an amazingly effective path to getting great results. Shocker, I know.

This website is still very much a WIP but I'm a big fan of iteration and trying stuff out.

When I'm Not at Work

I'm often playing video games. I used to stream them on Twitch, but I have been on hiatus for a while due to life being incredibly busy. Maybe I'll get back to it eventually.

I write video game reviews for Saving Content, and host the site's podcast, Quicksve along with the site's Editor in Chief and my dear friend Scott Ellison II.

I run a coffee-focused Instagram account where I document my coffee making process, beans that I sample, tools that I like (and review), and practice my latte art. If you like coffee you should give me a follow!

I love to cook, though I don't often have as much time for it as I'd like these days. I do bust out the occasional tasty meal when time allows it, though.